JEAN-BAPTISTE LULLY (1632-1687): Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme.

Catalogue Number: 02M023

Label: Alpha

Reference: 700

Format: DVD

Price: $26.98

Description: Dating from 1670, this was originally a dual-author composition, Lully's music being inseparable from Molière's text and this live 2004 production from the Théâtre Le Trianon in Paris presents the original, unabridged version of the play interwoven with Lully's sung and danced interludes - all of which makes up the genre of the comédie-ballet. Actors, singers and dancers perform on a candle-lit period-stage recreation using coppery metal sheets which allow the lighting (i.e. the addition and subtraction of light sources ) to vary in intensity and to create the atmospheric stage effects accompanying the entrance and exit of the performers. Includes a 52-minute documentary "Les Enfants de Molière et de Lully". 2 DVDs. Various actors, singers and dancers, Le Poème Harmonique (plucked instruments, percussion and winds), Musica Florea (strings); Vincent Dumestre (artistic director). English subtitles. 16:9 widescreen. Dolby Digital 5.1 or PCM stereo. NTSC all regions. 262 min.


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