LOU HARRISON (1917-2003): 7 Pastorales, New First Suite for Strings, Suite Marriage at the Eiffel Tower (Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra; Dennis Russell Davies), Vestiunt Silve (Renate Gola [soprano], Timothy Malish [flute], Janet Lyman Hill, Sarah Adams [violas], Karen Lindquist [harp]), Gending Chelsea for Gamelan (Jody Diamond and the Lou Harrison Gamelan Group), Sanctus (Emily Golden [mezzo], Davies [piano]), Philemon and Baukis, Cornish Lancaran, Gending Alexander, Homage to Pacifica, Bubaran Robert (Jody Diamond [soprano], instrumental soloists, Berkeley Chamber Singers, Gamelan Si Betty), Suite from the ballet Solstice (Leta Miller [flute], Yvonne Powers [oboe], Adam Gordon [trumpet], Nohema Fernandez [celeste], Emily Wong George [tack piano], Stephen Tremontozzi [double bass], Peter Shelton, Lee Duckies [cellos], Ariadne (Miller [flute], William Winant [percussion]), A Summerfield Set (Fernandez [piano]), Canticle No. 3 (Miller [ocarina], Robert Strizich [guitar], Winant, David Rosenthal, Todd Manley, Scott Evans, Daniel Kennedy [percussion]), Symphony No. 3 (Cabrillo Music Festival Orchestra; Davies), Grand Duo for Violin and Piano (Romuald Tecco [violin], Davies [piano]).

Catalogue Number: 02M078

Label: Nimbus

Reference: NI 2571/74

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

Description: Virgil Thomson wrote in 1987 "Lou Harrison is not making plastic roses for funeral parlors. His is simply speaking in many personae and many languages. The message itself is pure Harrison. And that message is of joy, dazzling and serene, and even at its most intensely serious, not without laughter." Given the huge variety of form and instrumentation on these discs and the hopelessness of capturing it in a blurb of normal size, that about covers it. 4 CDs. Original 1990-92 and 2000 Musicmasters releases.


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