ELIZABETH RAUM (b.1945): Persephone and Demeter for Violin, Viola and Orchestra (Erika Raum [violin], Rivka Golani [viola], Regina Symphony Orchestra; Victor Sawa), Sherwood Legend for Horn and Orchestra (Calgary Philharmonic; Sawa), Violin Concerto "Faces of Women" (Raum [violin], Sneak Peek Orchestra; Victor Cheng

Catalogue Number: 02Q011

Label: Centrediscs

Reference: CMCCD 20615

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: American-born, Raum became a Canadian citizen in 1985. Her vocabulary here is late romantic, her orchestration atmospheric, both of which suggest film music and her Wikipedia bio confirms that film scores are a not insigificant part of her works list. The four-movement, 17-minute tone-poem about the Greek goddess and her daughter is often positively balletic and Sherwood Legend (1996) is exactly what it looks like: a 24-minute, three-movement homage to Korngold film scores written for the soloist here whose father played in Hollywood film music orchestras.  The violin concerto, written for Raum's daughter in 1993, is in four movements (Youth, Waltz with Trio [Romance], Mystery and The Sibyl) and 32 minutes and is in the same late romantic style, mixing a lovely lyricism with enough demands on the soloist to keep virtuosity seekers interested too.


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