IRVING FINE (1914-1962): Violin Sonata, HAROLD SHAPERO (1920-2013): Violin Sonata, YEHUDI WYNER (b.1929): Concert Duo for Violin and Piano, DAVID RAKOWSKI (b.1958): Pied-à-terre, YU-HUI CHANG (b.1970): Worries Just as Real.

Catalogue Number: 02Q057

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3369

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Shapero's appealing, neoclassical sonata owes a fair amount to Stravinsky, especially in the incisive, syncopated outer movements, while the slow movement is elegant and lyrical. Fine's piece - like the Shapero, an early work, from the 1940s - is similarly tonal, and neoclassical, with a greater sense of romantic warmth, relating it in places more closely to even earlier models as far back as the nineteenth century. Wyner's substantial two-movement duo is a tougher proposition, though still predominantly tonal and thoroughly accessible. The language is much more chromatic, the terse dialectic between the instruments contrapuntally rigorous and relatively dissonant. The Rakowski consists of a tonally very free, lyrical prelude, a motoric, jazz-inflected fugue and an exhilarating, even more propulsive presto-finale in irregular rhythms. Chang's piece speaks to the intense emotions of adolescence evoked by seemingly inconsequential events, in three short, expressive character-pieces. Daniel Stepner (violin), Sally Pinkas, Yehudi Wyner, Donald Berman (piano).


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