JOHANN JAKOB FROBERGER (1616-1667): Hexachord-Fantasie, JOHANN ERASMUS KINDERMANN (1616-1655): Magnificat octavi toni, JOHANN CASPAR KERLL (1627-1693): Toccata IV, Canzona I, Capriccio sopra il Cucu, GEORG MUFFAT (1653-1704): Nova Cyclopeias harmonica I-IX, Toccata septima, FRANZ XAVER ANTON MURSCHHAUSER (1663-1738): Aria "Dein große Lieb, o Jesulein" and 6 Variations, FRANZ ANTON MAICHELBECK (1702-1750): Sonata prima, ISFRIED KAYSER (1712-1771): Ouverture, Rigaudon.

Catalogue Number: 06L014

Label: Cantate

Reference: C 58042

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: An example of more rarely heard (and sometimes wrongly disparaged) South German organ music played on a historical instrument which was sealed in 1803 at the secularization of the church institutions and went almost untouched between then and its restoration in 1988-90. Christian Brembeck (1737 Baumeister organ at Maihingen).


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