GIACINTO SCELSI (1905-1988): Canti del Capricorno 1-20.

Catalogue Number: 06L118

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 6686 2

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: Owners of Wergo's 1988 recording of the Canti may be surprised not only to see them releasing a new recording with the same Japanese vocalist (at the age of 82 when this was made in 2006) but will also note that there is one more Canto in this recording than before. If you don't know this work, it involves a series of wordless songs, some with added percussion or wind instrument or electronics, which follow certain typical Scelsi interests: prolonged pitches with miniscule microtonal changes, glissando cries, guttural sounds and shouts which may draw to mind prehistoric incantations. An interesting short interview with Hirayama will tell you some things about this mysterious composer you may not have known (and she got to know him well, over a ten-year period, while he was working on these Canti). Michiko Hirayama (voice), Ulrich Krieger (sax), Matthias Bauer (double bass), Jürgen Grözinger, Roland Neffe (percussion).


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