ULRICH LEYENDECKER (b.1946): Symphony No. 4 (Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra; Johannes Kalitzke), Evocazione (Kaiserslautern Radio Symphony Orchestra; Per Borin), Guitar Concerto (Maximilian Mangold [guitar], Northwest German Philharmonic; Romely Pfund).

Catalogue Number: 06L120

Label: Musicaphon

Reference: M 55720

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Leyendecker's music is characterised by an harmonic vocabulary that preserves tonal elements, and in fact an overall feeling of tonal centers, in what is otherwise a freely atonal idiom; and a lively awareness of instrumental color. This latter attribute is displayed to great effect in the concerto, with kaleidoscopically shifting orchestral textures constantly accompanying but never overpowering the continuously present soloist. The lively scherzo-finale, with touches of flamenco and jazz is especially attractive. The symphony evokes immense spaces, with ingeniously orchestrated textures changing tone color on every note in the opening, archlike movement. The second movement is a tapestry of impressionistic counterpoints, sometimes complex in texture, at others permitting melodic lines to emerge like birdsongs in an endless landscape. The finale is very slow, and exploits the widest registers of the orchestra to suggest space and a suspension of time, the music constantly revolving planet-like around tonal centers. Evocazione'is a somberly agitated, darkly glittering tone-poem, with veiled references to Mozart's Don Giovanni.


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