ORIOL CRUIXENT (b.1976): Abismes for Orchestra, GERD KÜHR (b.1952): Introductio-Meditatio-Magnificat-Epilogus for High Soprano, Baritone, Chorus and Orchestra, JOANNA WOZNY (b.1973): Archipel for Large Orchestra, JOHANNA DODERER (b.1969): Salve Regina for Soprano, Chorus and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 06L133

Label: BR Klassik

Reference: 900302

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: These are commissioned works from the 2008 and 2009 Paradisi gloria concert series, with themes of the Magnificat and the Virgin Mary. Criuxent's 'Abysses' depicts the ascent of mankind from the depths of chaos. A 20-minute tone poem, it begins with a vigorous and propulsive section, basically tonal, with some modal and chant-derived inflections. This hurtles to a dramatic conclusion, to be supersede by music of profound stasis and calm, somewhat reminiscent of a Bruckner slow movement, punctuated by chiming bells and meditative unison chanting. Kühr adds texts by Rilke and Lichtenberg to the setting of the Magnificat, alternating extremely spare, plastic textures with full-bodied, dissonant choral writing somewhat reminiscent of early Penderecki. Wozny's 'Archipelago' is a study in stillness and texture, with fragments of bright texture emerging from a clustered mass of dissonant, almost noise-like background texture. Doderer's radiant Salve Regina returns to a tonal vocabulary, in glowing masses of chordal texture for choir, organ and orchestra or eloquently imploring solo lines menaced by turbulent dissonances above which the hymn-like song of salvation constantly strives to rise, eventually succeeding in a conclusion that is both unforgettably powerful and intensely moving. Angelika Luz (soprano), Adiran Eröd (baritone), Marlis Petersen (soprano, Salve Regina), Bavarian Radio Chorus and Orchestra; Ulf Schirmer.


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