BOHUSLAV MARTINU (1890-1959): Works for Violin and Piano - Elegy, H 3, Concerto, H 13, Sonata in C, H 120, Sonata in D Minor, H 152, Impromptu, H 166, Sonata No. 1, H 182, 5 Short Pieces, H 184, Ariette, H 188A, Sonata No. 2, H 208, 7 Arabesques, H 201A, Sonatina in G, H 262, Intermezzo, H 261, 7 Rhythmic Etudes, H 202, 5 Madrigal Stanzas, H 297, Sonata No. 3, H 303, Czech Rhapsody, H 307.

Catalogue Number: 09K072

Label: Supraphon

Reference: SU 3950-2

Format: CD

Price: $43.98

Description: When first issued nine years ago, there were three first recordings included: the 1909 Elegy, a mournful, virtuosic (for the piano, not the violin) and atypically dramatic piece which carries the cryptic subtitle "Evil Returns"; the 1910 "Concerto", perhaps Martinu's humorous attempt to bewilder the listener since this is a playful sonatina-like piece full of simple joy and good-naturedness; and the 1929 Short Pieces, from the end of the composer's "jazz period" which take a rhythmic idea and exploits it to the full. Rarely heard are the agitated, jazzy and provocative first sonata (1929), the D Minor sonata (1926) - a transitional work mixing native Bohemian elements with Parisian jazz styles and the 32-minute C Major sonata (1919) which points openly to Franck's A Major sonata as its late-Romantic model. The third and fourth discs contain works from 1930-45, including the Hindemithian second sonata, the jazz-tinged Arabesques and Rhythmic Etudes to the gently lyrical Madrigal Stanzas and the air-borne, tuneful and syncopated third sonata which is from the same period and style as the buoyant Fifth Symphony (1944). 4 CDs. Mid-price. Bohuslav Matousek (violin), Petr Adamec (piano). Original 1999 Supraphon release.


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