ANDREW IMBRIE (1921-2007): To My Son for Piano, Duet for Two Friends for Bass Clarinet and Cello, Melody for Gayageum for Gayageum, Mukashi Mukashi for 2 Pianos, HI KYUNG KIM (b.1954): Crystal Drops for 2 Pianos, A Story for Gayageum, Two Years with the Seine for Clarinet and Cello.

Catalogue Number: 09K082

Label: Albany

Reference: TROY 1048

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: An interesting and varied program of music by teacher and student - Kim studied with Imbrie, and in return influenced him in his writing for the ancient Korean gayageum, a 12-string zither. Imbrie's Melody is an unbroken chromatic line which adapts to the sound and playing technique of the instrument with uncanny authenticity. Kim's work for the instrument expands its palette through a variety of precisely notated performance techniques in addition to traditional playing methods. Imbrie's introspective and tranquil duet for two well-matched partners not frequently heard in this combination unfolds like a gently intimate conversation between equals. Kim's Two Years explores her interest in advanced performance techniques in a series of evocative mood pictures. Mukashi is a reminiscence of time Imbrie spent in Japan. Imbrie's piano writing (especially, and more than his music for other instruments) notably reflects his studies under Sessions, but this work also has echoes of Japanese music, and an amusing and intricate device of dividing continuous phrases between the two pianos. Aki Takahashi, Rae Imamura (pianos), John Sackett (clarinets), Jean-Michel Fonteneau (cello), Aeri Ji (gayageum).


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