GEIRR TVEITT (1908-1981): From a Travel Diary for String Quartet, The Household God for String Quartet, Flute, Harp, Horn, Oboe and Double Bass, Op. 184, Septet for String Quartet, Double Bass, Oboe and Horn, Midsummer's Eve for String Quartet, Double Bass, Cor Anglais and Horn.

Catalogue Number: 09N010

Label: Simax

Reference: PSC 1222

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Works thought lost in the catastrophic fire at Tveitt's home in 1970 keep turning up as copies in other locations, which explains the two larger-scale works recorded here. The Travel Diary is of extremely uncertain date (the notes give reasons for it being as early as 1932 and as late as the 1950s) and is a 26-minute suite of eight movements depicting "The Mediterranean", "Via Appia", "Sicilia", "Tripoli", "Sirocco", "El Escorial", "Sevilla" and "Starry Skies over the Sahara". The music appears to be completely original and there are only hints of folk-music influence; since there is no evidence that Tveitt ever travelled to these countries until late in his career, we must assume this to be a Travel Diary of the mind. The Household God is a 16-minute ballet from 1956 whose twelve scenes use entirely Norwegian folk dances (Halling, Rull, Springar and Gangar). Rounding off the disc are two septets of strings and winds which are adaptations of two of Tveitt's own songs, first performed in the late 1960s. Fragaria Vesca.


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