GIOVANNI GIORGI (?-1762): Missa à due Cori tutti piena, Ave Maria, In omnem terram, Tui sunt caeli, Improperium expectavit, Dextera Domini Angelus Domini, Ascendit Deus.

Catalogue Number: 09N017

Label: Ricercar

Reference: RIC 313

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Giorgi spent his career in Rome and Lisbon; his offertories and motets are in the severe, Roman polychoral style but with solo voices sometimes singled out, leavened with the use of madrigalistic techiques, while the mass (from Lisbon) increases the concertante use of solo voices in the more modern style and, interestingly, is among the first mass to use Italian tempo indications, a trait which looks ahead to the early Classical period. Namur Chamber Choir, Cappella Mediterranea, Clematis; Leonard García-Alarcón.


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