MAURICE OHANA (1913-1992): Études d'Interpétation, Cahiers I & II (i.e. Nos. 1-10, does not include the final two etudes which require percussion instruments as well).

Catalogue Number: 09N054

Label: La Ma de Guido

Reference: LMG 4009

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: "Ohana is not interested in compositional techniques for their own sake. His fascination, like that of many French composers of the last century, is with sonority. So these are studies almost entirely in sonority. Sometimes these are engendered by rhythmic displays but more often by a sheer joy of sound for its own sake, just like Debussy, even Boulez, and certainly Messiaen before him. Perhaps the Messiaen of the Préludes (1929) comes to mind and the Debussy of his remarkable Études (1915). Although influences are easy to spot at the end of it lies a very individual voice, which surfaces regularly and yet quietly and modestly, through a haze of colour." - MusicWeb International, July 2002 (reviewing a recording by Jean-Efflam Bavouzet on Harmonic Records, which no longer exists). María Paz Sanatibañez (piano).


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