GERRIT WUNDER (b.1978): Sequentia Miraculi, JOHANNES BERAUER (b.1979): Piano Trio No. 1, SASCHA PERES (b.1973): 7 Präludien mit Prolog und Epilog.

Catalogue Number: 09N089

Label: Gramola

Reference: 98906

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Wunder's Sequentia miraculi is the result of a film composer writing for the unaccustomed medium of the concert hall. The music is vivid and fun, tonal, and sounds like cues from a film score, or music to accompany a silent film, with hectic, cartoonish chases scenes, sentimental love-themes, scenes in a genteel parlor, or a ballroom, and mysterious goings-on behind the scenes - or whatever script your imagination can supply. Berauer is a composer influenced by jazz, but his trio is not especially 'jazzy', aside from its feeling of spontaneity - less so certainly than jazz-related works by Milhaud and Ravel that it somewhat resembles in its lively energy, appealing melodiousness and tonal vocabulary. The Peres consists of nine short, contrasting movements, tonal, attractive and entertaining, with shades of neoclassicism, romanticism, Gershwin, an entertaining send-up of modernist percussiveness, and popular song. Eggner Trio.


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