JEAN-HENRY D'ANGLEBERT (1629-1691): Prelude, Allemande, Chaconne, Gaillarde, JACQUES CHAMBONNIÈRES (c.1601-1672): 2 Courantes, MARIN MARAIS (1556-1628): Sarabande, LOUIS COUPERIN (c.1626-1661): Allemande and 11 transcriptions of lute pieces by Ennemond Gaultier [1575-1651], Germain Pinel [c.1600-1661], René Mézangeot [d.1638] and Denis Gaultier [c.1603-1672].

Catalogue Number: 11L015

Label: Arcana

Reference: A 337

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A selection of original harpsichord music and transcriptions by D'Anglebert of a number of pieces by lutenist-composers of previous generations, from a manuscript in D'Anglebert's own hand, performed on one of the oldest surviving French harpsichords - a Louis Denis from 1658 - with excellent historical notes on the lute, the harpsichord, the transition in repertoire from the earlier to the later, the art of transcription (and an interesting note on the instrument played here). Paola Erdas (harpsichord). 2006 release.


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