Polish Harpsichord Music, Vol. 2 ANTONI WEJNERT (1751-1850): Theme and Variations from the Opera "Siedem razy jeden", JÓZEFINA WEJNERT (17th/18th cen.): Polonaise in B, Waltz in A Flat, TOMASZ GREM (18th/19th cen.): Andante and Variations in G, UNICKI (18th/19th cen.): Polonaises in E Flat & in D, SEVERYN TYSZKIEWICZ (c.1770-c.1840): Polonaise in C, ANTONI MORAWSKI (18th/19th cen.): Andante and Variations in F, MACIEJ KAMIENSKI (1734-1821): Duma na ksztalt Rondo in D Minor, Andante in F, KARBOSKI (18th/19th cen.): Polonaise in F, J. ANDRYCHOWICZ (18th/19th cen.): Theme and Variations from the Opera "Telemachus", Polonaises in C, B and E Flat, EMILIA POTOCKA (17th/18th cen.): Andante and Variations in C, Mazurka in G.

Catalogue Number: 11L034

Label: Dux

Reference: 0631

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The second of these two volumes casts a much wider net (the first was entirely of works by Elsner) composer-wise but the music, almost entirely from the last quarter of the 18th century with only a few later examples, is of similar style, influenced heavily by Haydn and Mozart while also partaking of native Polish dance elements. Urszula Bartkiewicz (harpsichord).


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