KARL KEMPTER (1819-1871): Pastoralmesse in G, Op. 24, ANTON DIABELLI (1781-1858): Pastoralmesse in F, Op. 17.

Catalogue Number: 11L047

Label: Ars Musici

Reference: 232130

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The tradition of the Pastoral Mass, most familiar to us from the late baroque work by the Czech Ryba, lasted well into the Romantic period, as evidenced by Kempter's 17-minute work from 1850. Diabelli's 1830 example is almost half an hour long and slightly more involved but both share the characteristics of the genre: boy choirs and soloists, sustained bass notes, gently rocking rhythms and echo effects. 1984 recording. Augsburger Domsingknaben, Residenz Chamber Orchestra Munich; Reinhard Kammler.


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