CHARLES VILLIERS STANFORD (1852-1924): Toccata, Prelude (No. 27, series 4), Waltz in A Minor, WILLIAM VINCENT WALLACE (1812-165): La Gondola, Op. 18, Ye Banks and Braes, MICHELE ESPOSITO (1855-1929): Ballade, Op. 29/1, Though the Last Glimpse of Erin, GEORGE ALEXANDER OSBORNE (1806-1893): La Nouvelle Plue de Perles, Pauline, FRANCIS PANORMO (1764-1844): Woodlark Rondo, THOMAS AUGUSTINE GEARY (1775-1801): Aileen Aroon - Air and Variations, ARTHUR O'LEARY (1834-1919): Valse Heureuse, PHILIP COGAN (1748-1833): Rondo from Sonata, Op. 8/3, PATRICK MORAN (early 19th cen.): L'Oiseau - Air and Variations, JOHN FIELD (1782-1837): Nocturne in B Flat, Fantasia on Martin's Andante.

Catalogue Number: 11L054

Label: RTÉ Lyric fm

Reference: CD 109

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: A collection of Classical and Romantic piano music by Irish composers, drawn mainly from the music collections at the National Library of Ireland. Una Hunt (piano).


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