PETER MIEG (1906-1990): Oboe Concerto (Thomas Indermühle [oboe], Camerata Zürich; Marc Kissóczy), Toccata-Arioso-Gigue for String Orchestra (Southwest German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim; Sebastian Tewinkel), String Quartet No. 1 (Carmina Quartet), String Trio (Streiff Trio).

Catalogue Number: 11L079

Label: Musiques Suisses

Reference: MGB CD 6239

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The two early chamber works (1937 and 1938) and the two orchestral pieces (1957 and 1959) show two different aspects of Mieg's neo-classicism: the early works are hard-edged, brittle, often aggressive, with the more wild and earthy works of Stravinsky and Bartók the likely influences while the later works seem to be devoted to the beauty of sound, lyrical, calmer, with simple, attractive melodies enhanced with polytonality and chromaticism. All should appeal to collectors of this strand of 20th century composition.


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