LORENZO PALOMO (b.1938): Madrigal and 5 Sephardic Songs for Soprano, Flute, Bassoon and Harp, BERNARDO ADAM-FERRERO (b.1942): Homenaje a García Lorca for Oboe and String Quartet, ALFREDO ARACIL (b.1954): Kerzenlicht for Soprano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Harp, PERE CASAS (b.1957): Margrupim for Marimba, Cor anglais, Bassoon, Horn and Piano, JOSÉ MARÍA SÁNCHEZ-VERDÚ (b.1968): Jardines de Adonis for Soprano and 9 Instruments, JOSÉ PERIS LACASA (b.1924): Tiento de Falsas for Ensemble, ENRIQUE FERNÁNDEZ ARBÓS (1863-1939): From 3 pièce originales for Piano Trio, Op. 1: Boléro and Habanera.

Catalogue Number: 11L089

Label: New Classical Adventure

Reference: 60177

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: Like last month's "Brazil" release, this is another German-origin collection of, this time, Spanish composers. Unlike "Brazil", however, half of this disc is avant-garde and otherwise atonal music which won't remind you of Spain in any way (and Aracil's Kerzenlicht is not only in German but uses excerpts of the same text Schoenberg used in Erwartung). For collectors of contemporary Spanish composers. Spanish/German texts. Ofelia Sala (soprano), Chamber Ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin; Martín Baeza Rubio. SACD hybrid.


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