GERGELY VAJDA (b.1973): Duevoe for Orchestra, 3 Pantomimes for Flute and Clarinet, Turning for Saxophone Quartet, BALÁZS HORVÁTH (b.1976): La Corsa Grande for 5 Clarinets and Orchestra, Alter Ego for Saxophone Quartet.

Catalogue Number: 11L105

Label: Hungaroton

Reference: HCD 32577

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Vajda's Duevoe evokes, in terms of the sonorities of a large orchestra, the primitive energy of a particular genre of Hungarian folk music. The piece has an open-air wildness, akin to the philosophical intent of Grainger or Bartók, perhaps, more than their actual music (possibly excepting the fluid masses of sound envisioned for the former's 'free music'), though as the piece develops, massive layers of modally inflected melody grind tectonically together. His Pantomimes are a Ligetian tour de force of instrumental virtuosity, incorporating non-semitonal divisions of the octave, while Turning exploits a kind of spatial highlighting of notes divided between four players to spell out a series of variations on a ground. Horváth's Corsa is a 'horse race for clarinets', the clarinet soloists spread out around the orchestra in playful dialogue and competition against a light, fluid orchestral backdrop. The two movements of his Alterego are the complement of one another; each is further subdivided into two parts, the first lively, the second more tranquil, with an interplay of pitch systems (which sometimes actually sound like their historical forebears, melodies!) between opposing sections. Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra; Gergely Vajda, Budapest Saxophone Quartet.


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