Notes for June 2024

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Dear Customers, Well, it never rains but it pours! Between record labels and distributors increasingly moving toward streaming and downloads and away from CDs, and distributors generally not doing a good job of keeping things in stock and actually, you know, distributing them, it’s been very difficult to assemble a catalogue or fill orders. Then BIS sold itself to Apple Music - which isn’t necessarily an intrinsically bad thing, but the immediate result has been that their formerly useful website cannot be used to identify new and forthcoming releases. Our packing and shipping partner's premises were badly damaged by severe storms a couple of months ago, a situation that is expected to be resolved in the next week or so. Add to that some health issues experienced by the principals of the company, and … you get the picture. However, not all is doom and gloom. We expect to be able to start filling orders again very shortly. And during this period of enforced idleness, we have actually not been idle. Especially in light of the "supply chain issues" with Naxos-distributed product here in the USA (which we are working to resolve), we have been searching for "exclusives" from around the world, like the Latvian, Croatian, Antipodean, and British labels that we’ve offered in recent months. Right now, we have a line on an excellent European label with seven first recordings of symphonies, a world premiere of a Romantic opera, a piano concerto, and more! Once we’ve established a route by which to import these, expect a catalogue with a bonanza of items we're sure you’ll enjoy! Thanks for your patience!

June 2024 Catalogue


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