Notes for February 2012

Number of items in this month's catalogue: 7

There should have been several more very attractive titles - eight new releases on Timpani (including Severac's one-act opera Le Cœur du moulin, Le Flem's setting of the Chante-fable "Aucassan et Nicolette" and a new recording of Ropartz' Symphony No. 3) but none of them arrived in time. Look for them all in March.

February 2012 Catalogue

Format: CD
HARALD GENZMER (1909-2007): Concerto for Trumpet, Piano and Strings, Miniatures for Strings, Sinfonietta for Strings, Divertimento di danza for String Orchestra, Sonatina prima for Strings (Margarita Höhenrieder [piano], Guy Touvron [trumpet], Württemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn; Jörg Faerber. 2001 release), Irische Harfe for Mixed Choir, 6 Chöre for Mixed Choir, Alte Volkslieder for Equal Voices, 4 indische Lieder for Male Choir, 4 Petrarca-Chöre for Mixed Choir (via-nova-chor Munich; Kurt Suttner. 2004 release), Sonata for Cello and Harp, Concerto for Harp and String Orchestra, Sonata for Solo Cello, Klagelied for Cello and 6 Harps (Klaus Storck [cello], Helga Storck [harp] and other harpists. 2005 release), Double Bass Sonata, Cello Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2, Fantasie for Double Bass and Piano, 6 Bagatelles for Cello and Double Bass (Martin Ostertag [cello], Nabil Shehata [double bass], Oliver Triendl [piano]. 2005 release), Organ Concerto, Percussion Concerto, Piano Concerto (Edgar Krapp [organ], Peter Sadlo [percussion], Triendl [piano], Bamberg Symphony Orchestra; Werner Andreas Albert. 2004 release), Flute Concerto, Concertino No. 2 for Piano and String Orchestra, Viola Concerto (Andrea Lieberknecht [flute], Triendl [piano], Lars Anders Tomter [viola], Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra; Albert. 2007 release), Piano Trio in F, Piano Trio (1964), Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano (Ingolf Turban [violin], Wen-Sinn Yang [cello], Eduard Brunner [clarinet], Triendl [piano]), Concertino No. 1 for Piano and String Orchestra with Flute, Violin Concerto, Chamber Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra, Symphony No. 2 for String Orchestra (Lieberknecht [flute], Triendl [piano], Rainer Kussmaul [violin], François Leleux [oboe], Munich Chamber Orchestra; Alexander Liebreich. 2006 release), Prolog II, Symphony No. 4, Piano Concerto No. 3 (Triendl [piano], Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz; Theodor Guschlbauer. 1999 release), Piano Sonata No. 5, 10 Préludes, Sonatine No. 1, Suite in C (Triendl [piano]. 1998 release).
Price: $119.88
Format: DVD
Price: $28.98
No Longer Available
Format: CD
Price: $18.98
No Longer Available
Format: CD
Price: $17.98
Format: CD
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Format: CD
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