Notes for June 2011

Number of items in this month's catalogue: 7

1. Back-ordered Dohnanyis from April: Hungaroton is unable to supply the full amount ordered by their distributor so, of the 21 pieces I have in my back-order column, only 12 will be filled this month. But it is worth waiting for...

2. Major pricing error from supplier: The Tchaikovsky The Enchantress offered last month (05M037) was plainly mispriced in its release book at single-disc price - i.e. $9.98 retail. Figuring this was obviously a mistake, I made it $19.98, although a typo represented this as $.9.98, matching it with a different Melodiya three-CD set offered by that distributor. But no, after almost two weeks of waiting for confirmation, I was told that the price is $29.98 - still comfortably mid-price but ten bucks more than I thought it would be. If you ordered this, expecting it to be $9.98 or $19.98, I need to know if you want it at the actual price of $29.98. Before the recession, I might have just filled orders and taken the losses but I just can't afford to do that in this economic climate.

June 2011 Catalogue

Format: CD
Price: $56.98
Format: CD
THOMAS D.A. TELLEFSEN (1823-1874): Complete Works for Solo Piano - 4 Mazurkas, Op. 1, Nocturne in F, Op. 2, 4 Mazurkas, Op. 3, 3 Valses Brillantes, Op. 5, Tarentelle in E Flat, Op. 6, Elégie in F Minor, Op. 7, Dance of the Hulders in G Minor, Op. 9, Adagio et Rondo in B Minor, Op. 10, Nocturne No. 2 in E, Op. 11, Thème original et Fantaisie in B Flat Minor, Op. 12, Sonata, Op. 13, 6 Mazurkas, Op. 14, Feuillets d'Album, Op. 16, Nocturne No. 3 in B Flat, Op. 17, Grande Polonaise in C Sharp Minor, Op. 18, Allegretto, Op. 20, Toccata in F, Op. 22, La petite mendiante in E Minor, Op. 23, Grande Mazurka in B Flat, Op. 24, Grande Étude in E, Op. 25, Bridal Tune in D, Op. 26, Valse in D Flat, Op. 27, Ballade in C Minor, Op. 28, March triomphale in E Flat, Op. 29, Grande Valses Nos. 5 & 6, Op. 30, Mazurka in A, Op. 33, Au travers d'un songe in A Flat, Op. 34, Capriccio Appassionato in B Minor, Op. 36, Impromptu in G Minor, Op. 38, Nocturne No. 4 in G Flat, Op. 39, The Valhalla Feast in G Minor, Op. 40, Mélodies éscossaises, Op. 42, Exercice en sixtes in E, Op. 43, Pavane de la Reine Elisabeth in C Sharp Minor, Op. 44, Moderato, Variations on a Chorale in G, 2 Preludes in G, Lento - Allegro moderato - tempo primo, Larghetto, Suite in G Minor, 15 Fughettas, 3 Cantabiles, 2 Versettes, Zwischenspiel in D, Prelude to Fugue, Variation in A Minor, Waltz in A Minor, Adagio in D, Adagio in D Minor, 8 Preludes, Fugue in D, Interlude in C, Variations on "Jesus styr du mine tanker" in G.
Price: $49.98
Format: CD
Price: $37.98
Format: CD
Price: $35.98
Format: CD
Price: $7.98
Format: CD
Price: $34.98
Format: CD
Price: $26.98


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