Notes for March 2007

Number of items in this month's catalogue: 3

1. The good news is that the new Dutton Epoch titles are in this catalogue. The bad news is that their distributor jacked up the price without any notice. Their suggested retail price for Dutton Epoch is now $22.98. Thus, I've had to raise my price to $20.98. European exporters are tired of giving their American distributors a break due to the consistently weak dollar. The pound hasn't been this close to $2.00 since before I was in college, so who can blame them?

2. New Lyritas - the first new-to-CD titles came out in England at the end of January. Since the American distributor has more previously released items in its March release (mid-month street date so they'll be in my April catalogue), it appears that April (May for us) is the month for the new stuff.

March 2007 Catalogue

Format: CD
Price: $20.98
Format: CD
Price: $18.98
No Longer Available
Format: DVD
Price: $28.98
No Longer Available


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