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November 2018 Catalogue

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Format: CD

Garlands for Steven Stucky

JULIA ADOLPHE (b.1988): Snowprints, JULIAN ANDERSON (b.1967): Capriccio, CHARLES BODMAN RAE (b.1955): Steven Stucky in memoriam, CHEN YI (b.1953): In Memory of Steve, LOUIS CHIAPPETTA (b.1989): This is No Less Curious, DONALD CROCKETT (b.1951): Nella Luce, BRETT DEAN (b.1961): Hommage à Lutosławski, FANG MAN (b.1977): That raindrops have hastenen the falling flowers: in memory of Steven Stucky, GABRIELA LENA FRANK (b.1972): Harawi-cito de charanguista ciego, DANIEL S. GODFREY (b.1949): Glas, JOHN HARBISON (b.1938): Waltz (in memoriam Steven Stucky), ANDERS HILLBORG (b.1953): Just a Minute, PIERRE JALBERT (b.1967): Inscription, JESSE JONES (b.1978): Reverie, WILLIAM KRAFT (b.1923): Music for Gloria (in memoriam Steven Stucky), HANNAH LASH (b.1981): November, DAVID F. LEFKOWITZ (b.1964): In Memoriam: Steven Stucky, MAGNUS LINDBERG (b.1958): Fratello, DAVID LIPTAK (b.1949): Epitaph, STEVEN MACKEY (b.1956): A Few Things (in memory of Steve), JAMES MATHESON (b.1970): CHAPTER I: In which our hero dies and encounters Palestrina, Brahms, Debussy, Ligeti, Lutosławski and other dead loves; looks out to see the entire universe before him, and prepares to visit all of the amazing shit therein, COLIN MATTHEWS (b.1946): some moths for Steve, HAROLD MELTZER (b.1966): Children’s Crusade, ERIC NATHAN (b.1983): In memoriam, JOSEPH PHIBBS (b.1974): Elegy, in memory of Steven Stucky, KAY RHIE (b.1971): Interlude, CHRISTOPHER ROUSE (b.1983): Muistimerkki, ESA-PEKKA SALONEN (b.1958): Iscrizione, MICHAEL SMALL (b.1988): Debussy Window, STEPHEN ANDREW TAYLOR (b.1983): Green Trees Are Bending, ANDREW WAGGONER (b.1960): ...and Maura brought me cookies (Remembering Steve), JUDITH WEIR (b.1954): Chorale (for Steve), STEVEN STUCKY (1949-2016): Two Holy Sonnets of Donne for Mezzo-Soprano, Oboe and Piano (Peabody Southwell [mezzo], Carolyn Hove [oboe]).
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