Notes for September 2011

Number of items in this month's catalogue: 4

1. The Gänsbacher and Kanetscheider discs from the Tirol State Museum in Austria took 19 days to get to me after they had arrived at U.S. Customs at Kennedy Airport. Sure am glad I paid extra to have it shipped Expedited (4-6 days). The back-orders which I can fill from my initial order from Austria will go out with this month's orders. Those of you who ordered beyond my initial quantities recieved will probably not get yours until next month since the absolutely spirit-crushing plunge in customer orders after the stock market went bananas in mid-August, followed by the European and Asian markets' belly-up performances, prevented me from being able to re-order more of these titles.

September 2011 Catalogue

Format: CD
Price: $56.98
Format: CD
Price: $33.98
Format: DVD
Price: $23.98
No Longer Available
Format: CD
Price: $15.98
Format: CD
JOSEPH RHEINBERGER (1839-1901): Piano Works -  Sonatas No. 1 in C, Op. 47 "Sinfonische", No. 2 in D Flat, Op. 99, No. 3 in E Flat, op. 135 and No. 4 in F Sharp Minor, Op. 184 "Romantische", Toccatina in G Minor, Op. 19, Toccata in C Minor, Op. 115, Präludium und Fuge zum Konzertvortrag, Op. 33, Etüde und Fugato, Op. 42, 3 kleine Konzertstücke, Op. 5, Jagd-Szene, WoO 1, 4 Klavierstücke, Op. 1, Waldmärchen, Op. 8 (1866 and 1897 versions), 4 Humoresken, Op. 28, Toccata in E Minor, Op. 104, 2 Klaviervorträge, Op. 45, 3 Klaviervorträge, Op. 53, 24 Preludes in Etüdenform, Op. 14, 5 Tonbilder, Op. 11, 6 Tonstücke in fugierter Form, Op. 39, 6 Tonstücke in fugierter Form, Op. 68, Fantasiestück "Hoch geht die See", Op. 23, Capriccio giocoso, Op. 43, 3 Stücke, Op. 78, Pianoforte-Studien for Left Hand, Op. 113, 12 Vortragsstrudien, Op. 183, Improvisation über Motive aus "der Zauberflöte", Op. 51, 3 Studien, Op. 6, 3 Charakterstücke, Op. 7, Aus Italien, Op. 29, 6 charakteristische Stücke, Op. 67, Etüde in D Minor from 12 Charakterstücke für's "neue" Clavier, RhWV deest, Etüde in G Sharp Minor, WoO 28, 5 Vortragsstudien, Op. 9, Zum Abschied, Op. 59, 3 Vortragsstudien, Op. 66, 12 Charakterstücke in kanonischer Form, Op. 180, Thema mit Veränderungen, Op. 61, Toccata in G Minor, Op. 12, 3 Vortragsstudien, Op. 101, Duo in A Minor for 2 Pianos, Op. 15, For Piano Four Hands: Aus den Ferientagen, Op. 72, Große Sonate in C Minor, Op. 122, Fantasie in E Flat Minor, Op. 79, Tarantella in B, Op. 13.
Price: $65.98
Format: CD
Price: $31.98
Format: CD
Price: $35.98
Format: CD
Price: $11.98
Format: CD
Price: $16.98


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