THIERRY ESCAICH (b.1965): 3 Motets for 12 Mixed Voices and Organ, Les Lamentations for 4 Vocal Soloists, Terra desolata for 4 Vocal Soloists and Baroque Instrumental Ensemble (Pierre Eric Nimylowicz, Gabriel Grosbard [violins], Françoise Rojat [viola], Tormod Dalen [cello], Caroline Delume [theorbo], François Saint-Yves [positive organ]), Exultet for 12 Mixed Voices, Percussion, Piano and Organ, Ad Ultimas Laudes for 12 Mixed Voices, Dixit Dominus for 6 Mixed Voices, In Memoriam for Choir and Organ

Catalogue Number: 01I085

Label: Accord

Reference: 476 9074

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Escaich demonstrates a most unusual ability to produce original and vital music that really doesn't sound like anyone else or like a catch-all postmodernist mélange of styles, all within a basically resolutely tonal framework and avoiding self-conscious experimentalism. So anyone who has enjoyed his previous works that we've offered should not hesitate to acquire this splendid disc. With a variety of accompaniments, not least his own instrument, the organ, Escaich's vocal-ensemble works occupy a wholly convincing middle ground between mysticism - lamentation, devotion, the drama of spiritual conflict - and sensuality, in lush harmonies that would be quite unfashionable were it not for the composer's unpredictable employment of his chosen vocabulary. Felicitous touches of organ registration or orchestration - the Baroque ensemble employed in Terra desolata or the timbres exploited in Exultet for instance -or the sudden introduction of suggestions of eastern modality ensure a constant sense of discovery of the unexpected; as usual with Escaich, the music has a lively forward-moving vitality sometimes suggesting Bernstein or Poulenc, alternately concealign and revealing depths of emotion or troubled questioning. Thierry Escaich (organ), Ensemble Vocal Sequenza 9.3; Catherine Simonpietri.


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