ALUN HODDINOTT (b.1929): Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra, Op. 3, Harp Concerto, Op. 11 (Gervase de Peyer [clarinet], Osian Ellis [harp], London Symphony Orchestra; David Atherton. rec. 1971. Original 1972 Decca LP release), Piano Concertos No. 1, Op. 19 (Philip Fowke [piano], Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Barry Wordsworth. rec. 1996, not previously released) & No. 2, Op. 21 (Martin Jones [piano], RPO; Andrew Davis. rec. 1973, Original 1973 Decca LP release).

Catalogue Number: 01J057

Label: Lyrita

Reference: SRCD.330

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Dating from 1950 to 1960 (the second piano concerto was revised in 1969 and the harp concerto in 1970), these are moderately "modern"-sounding concertos which still remain colorful and approachable to all but the most 20th-century allergic. They are short - 14 to 19 minutes - and deal in thorough motivic working-out rather than with melodies but each has its own kind of character, the clarinet concerto the warmest and most easily approachable and the first piano concerto at the other end of the spectrum, its scoring for large orchestra without strings exhibiting an aggressive, sometimes nightmarish personality, the harp concerto more a series of chamber-like dialogues between soloist and small orchestral groups.


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