EVGENY SVETLANOV (1928-2000): Symphony No. 1 in B Minor, Op. 13, Poem for Violin and Orchestra (David Oistrakh [violin]), The Red Guelder-Rose, Piano Concerto in C Minor (Svetlanov [piano], USSR Radio and TV Large Symphony Orchestra; Maxim Shostakovich), Preludes - Symphonic Reflections, Daybreak in the Field, 3 Russian Songs for Voice and Orchestra (Raisa Bobrineva [soprano]), Pictures of Spain, Rhapsody No. 2, Russian Variations for Harp and Orchestra (Nadezhda Tolstaya [harp]), Daugava (USSR Radio and TV LSO), Siberian Fantasy.

Catalogue Number: 01J082

Label: Svetlanov Collection

Reference: SVCO 001/4-004/4

Format: CD

Price: $67.98

No Longer Available

Description: This collection of Svetlanov's orchestral compositions is identical with the three single discs released on Russian Disc in the mid 1990s with one exception: Daugava moves from disc 3 of that series to disc 4 of this one and is coupled with a work not previously available - the 18-minute Siberian Fantasy (thus making for a very short fourth disc, but there was no way to squeeze all the music onto three). Needless to say, everything here is utterly in keeping with the demands and dictates of Socialist Realism where folk or folk-like melody and colorful orchestration are an end in themselves. Issue by his widow, this set contains a booklet with three color photos of the composer (and a black-and-white) and four pages of very fine print on Svetlanov and his music by Nina Nikolaeva-Svetlanova (the widow). 4 CDs. USSR Symphony Orchestra; Evgeni Svetlanov.


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