JOSEPH SUDER (1892-1980): Heitere Ouverture, Walzerzyklus, Scherzo, Ballet Music from the Opera Kleider machen Leute, Ariette for Clarinet and Orchestra (Jürgen Kühn [clarinet]), Suite in the Old Style for String Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 01L003

Label: Melisma

Reference: 7130-2

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Originally offered in October 1998 (10A075). A 20th-century composer who apparently wished he had been a 19th-century one, Suder earned his living as a music educator, and wrote exactly the kind of music he wanted to, with no concern for fashion whatsoever. The music is well crafted and inventive, and it has to be said, extremely conservative. In the case of the Suite this is deliberate, as the music was intended for less than fully professional performers, but it makes no compromises because of this; the work is full of charm and elegance. For the most part, as in the engaging Waltz Cycle, this is music of a skilled composer who deliberately turned his back on trends of the 20th century - and for the record, he would have made a very good 19th-century composer! Thüringen-Philharmonie Suhl; Olaf Koch. Original 1997 release.


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