JOSEPH SUDER (1892-1980): Symphonische Musik II (Thüringen-Philharmonie Suhl; Olaf Koch), Festmesse "Dona nobis pacem" for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra (Natalia Korneva [soprano], Maria Neilau [alto], Vladimir Mostovoi [tenor], Yuri Dobrovolski [bass], St. Petersburg Chamber Choir, Children's Choir of the Pestalozzi Gymnasium Munich, Bavarian State Youth Orchestra; Werner Andreas Albert).

Catalogue Number: 01L004

Label: Melisma

Reference: 7178-2

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: The 42-minute mass dates from 1946 and is grounded in the part homophonic, part contrapuntal German tradition which led up to Bruckner. As a reaction to the recent world war, the longest part is the final Agnus Dei/Dona nobis pacem which carries the work's emotional weight. The Symphonisches Musik II (1963) is stylistically in the German symphonic tradition although its form - scherzo, adagio and finale - is unusual; the finale, as in the mass, carries the main expressive weight although all three movements are united motivically. Original 1995 Calig release.


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