VAGN HOLMBOE (1909-1996): Kairos, Op. 73, Sinfonia IV, Op. 73d.a

Catalogue Number: 01L012

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1596

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: These four works for strings (three in single-movement form) date from 1957-62 and seem to have been the composer's reaction to having finished the long series of chamber concertos in which he dealt exhaustively with writing for soloists. Holmboe's characteristic clearness of expression, luminosity of writing and honest emotion are ever-present. By rearranging the first three Sinfonias within the four movements of Sinfonia IV, the work Kairos appears. The music was recorded once before and we offered it in May of 2004 (05F081), on Dacapo, where the four Sinfonias appeared on one disc and the Kairos version on the other. Here, the fourth Sinfonia also appears on its own after the whole Kairos version. Camerata Wales; Owain Arwel Hughes.


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