EDVARD FIFLET BRÆIN (1924-1976): Anne Pedersdotter.

Catalogue Number: 01L013

Label: Simax

Reference: PSC 3121

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: With a libretto from the same play which produced Theodor Dreyer's film Day of Wrath and Respighi's opera La Fiamma, Bræin's 1971 opera tells the story of witch-hunting and burning in 16th century Norway. The work is mostly through-composed, with only four arias taking time out from the action and the music is resolutely conservative, with two motifs that work their way throughout the opera, one based on the tritone for the frenzied witch-hunters and their hatred and a softly consonant one for Anne and the virtues of love. 2 CDs. Norwegian-English libretto. Kjersti Ekeberg (soprano), Vessa Hanssen (mezzo), Kjell Magnus Sandve (tenor), Svein Carlsen (bass), Norwegian National Opera Chorus and Orchestra; Per Åke Andersson.


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