JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU (1683-1764): Platée.

Catalogue Number: 01L023

Label: Calliope

Reference: CAL 9424.5

Format: CD

Price: $37.98

Description: The only other CD version of this comic opera from 1745 is Marc Minkowski's on Erato which came out in 1992. But this recording, apparently never released (at least not outside France), dates from 1988. Those unfamiliar with it will find that it was a watershed in French opera history, mocking the conventions of tragédie lyrique with exaggerated vocalises, misaccentuations, absurd vocal acrobatics and some very entertaining onomatopoeic imitations of frogs, cuckoos, frightened birds, the lyre of the character Folly and the hurdy-gurdy. There are several pages of insighful notes by the conductor with musical examples but why no libretto? 2 CDs. No libretto. Bruce Brewer, Gilles Ragon (tenors), Isabelle Poulenard (soprano), Nicolas Rivenq (baritone), Members of l'Ensemble Sagittarius, Ensemble Vocal du Centre National d'Insertion Professionnelle d'Art Lyrique de Marseille, La Grande Ècurie et la Chambre du Roy; Jean-Claude Malgoire.


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