SVEN-DAVID SANDSTRÖM (b.1942): Freedom Mass for Soprano, Clarinet, Brass Quintet and Organ, Ordinary Mass and Psalm for Brass Quintet and 2 Organs, Procession Music for Brass Quintet.

Catalogue Number: 01L079

Label: Caprice

Reference: CAP 2172

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The Freedom Mass, while following the form of the traditional Mass, actually sets extracts from the poetry of Tomas Tranströmer (selected in collaboration with the poet), with themes of hope, or of dreams of hope, of liberation from wars and oppressions. As in the luminous hymn Ave Maris Stella (written the following year), the music is largely tonal and consonant, though with striking vocal effects employed to underline the meaning of specific words or passages of text. The overall effect is of intimate, glowing tranquility, though in the case of the Mass, several isolated exuberant instrumental passages hint at the divine power and authority behind the soothing reassurances. The Ordinary Mass is preceded by a stately ceremonial procession for brass, which leads to a powerful introduction to a radiant opening section and a jubilant Hallelujah. This Mass is far more extrovert than the other, though equally tonal (and in fact makes less use of the glittering dissonances and vocal effects of the later works), but shares with it an harmonic richness with unexpected, satisfying modulations, and rhythmic vitality with moments of sacred repose and glorious affirmation. Allmänna Sången, Linné Quintet, Katharina Hieke, Johan Hammarström (organ).


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