RYSZARD GABRYS (b.1942): Il Cicerone for Double Bass and 12 Strings, Dobranoc for Boy Soprano, Double Bass and Strings, Es muss sein II for String Orchestra, Piccolo prologo for Strings, ALEKSANDER GABRYS (b.1974): Abraxas for Strings and Tape.

Catalogue Number: 01L110

Label: Acte Préalable

Reference: AP0228

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Gabrys sr. is a polystylist, concerned with layers of musical meaning over and above the actual sounding music itself. Thus, the first piece here takes the form of the notated tuning up of the orchestra and the conductor's call to attention; and Es muss sein II incorporates Beethoven's written phrase vocalized, with some Beethovenian fragments subsumed and overwhelmed in Gabrys' dissonant, modernist textures. Il Cicerone has a highly virtuosic, incessantly active and mostly extended-technique double-bass solo part (with vocalizations, this time in Italian) in the foreground of densely-textured, frequently microtonal but sometimes straightforwardly chordal or percussive ensemble material. Dobranoc also features extended contrabass virtuosity, as well as a boy soprano and a variety of embedded 'found objects' from earlier music, as in the Beethoven piece; here a nocturnal mood of farewell is conjured. Gabrys jr. creates similar sonorous soundscapes to those of his father, here employing a continuous layer of electronic drones and distorted tones to accompany and sometimes disrupt the ensemble material, from which fragmentary motifs battle to assert themselves through strident repetition. Aleksander Gabrys (double bass), Juliusz Filip Czakon (soprano), Camerata Impuls; Malgorzata Kaniowska.


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