RUTLAND BOUGHTON (1878-1960): Love and Spring, Op. 23, Troilus & Cressida (Thou & I), Op. 17, A Summer Night, Op. 5, EDGAR BAINTON (1880-1956): Paracelsus, Op. 8, Pompilia, Op. 11, Prometheus, Op. 19.

Catalogue Number: 01M003

Label: Dutton Epoch

Reference: CDLX 7262

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: These composers are paired here because they were at the Royal College of Music together, shared lodgings for a time, conducted each other's music, shared humanitarian ideals and remained friends all their lives. All six of these symphonic poems, none of them less than 12 minutes nor longer than 13:26, date from 1899 (A Summer Night) to 1919 (Prometheus) and none of them will disappoint collectors of late Romantic British orchestral music. Boughton's, all in sonata form, are a bit more varied in mood and atmosphere, with wonderful expressions of the joy of spring in his op. 23 and some lovely, relaxed, languorous music in Summer Night, while Bainton's Paracelsus and Prometheus, both in C minor, share themes of striving and overcoming (the latter is more than a little Lisztian) while Pompilia, after a Browning narrative poem, is impassioned and tragic. Royal Scottish National Orchestra; Martin Yates.


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