LUIGI ROSSI (c.1597-1653): Passacaglia del Seigneur Louigi, Spargete sospiri, Pianto della Maddalena, Peccantum me quotidie, Conclusion of Oratorio per la Settimana Santa, MARCO MARAZZOLI (1602-1662): Elena invecchiata, Lamento d'Artemisia, MARC' ANTONIO PASQUALINI (1614-1691): Perché dolce Bambino, DOMENICO MAZZOCCHI (1592-1665): Piangete occhi, piangete.

Catalogue Number: 01N013

Label: Nimbus

Reference: NI 6152

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: "Eternal lamenting, extravagant repenting, religious ecstasy... Passionate, sensual, macabre and ertoic narratives from 17th-century Rome." The blurb on the tray-card really does say it all. The aged Helen of Troy, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary and Artemisia are the main complainers here, the latter's, from Marazzoli, is particularly twisted and depraved. A viol consort, supported by the striking sound of the lirone, provide the continuo along with double harp, harpsichord and chitarrone. String transcriptions of vocal works are woven into the program for variety. Italian-English texts. Nadine Balbeisi (soprano), Theodora Baka (mezzo), Atalante; Erin Headley (viola da gamba, lirone).


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