CHRISTIAN JOSEPH LIDARTI (1730-1795): Excerpts from the Oratorio Ester, Kol haneshama, ABRAHAM CACERES (fl.1740): Hishki hizki, Le'el elim, SALAMONE ROSSI (c.1570-1630): Qadish, 'Al naharot bavel, Lemi ehpots la'asot yeqar.

Catalogue Number: 01N029

Label: Buda Musique

Reference: 860212

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Previously known only from the Hyperion release of his three violin concertos (07K025), Lidarti occupies an unusual place here as the composer of a Hebrew-language oratorio and cantata (although he was not Jewish). Ester was based on Handel's oratorio with cuts and additions and the text was translated into Hebrew. The performance, given in Mantua, was in 1757 and the modern premiere, after a manuscript score belonging to the libretto was found in a sale of used music books in 1997, took place in 2000. 38 of the 80 minutes here are devoted to Ester with the remaining divided between early baroque sacred pieces by Rossi and late baroque pieces by Caceres. The ensemble consists of pairs of sopranos, mezzo, contralto, two tenors, baritone, bass-baritone and an ensemble of string quartet, two oboes, two horns, lute and harpsichord, performing on period instruments. Hebrew-English texts. Ensemble Texto; David Klein.


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