ADNAN SAYGUN (1907-1991): Piano Concerto No. 1 (Orchestre Colonne; Adnan Saygun. rec. Aug. 8, 1958), 12 Preludes in Aksak Rhythm, Op. 45 (rec. 1970s. mono), JEAN FRANÇAIX (1912-1997): Piano Sonata (rec. 1960), CHARLES VALENTIN ALKAN (1813-1888): Le chemin de fer (rec. 1998), MILI BALAKIREV (1837-1910): Islamey (rec. 1993).

Catalogue Number: 01N060

Label: Idil Biret Archive Edition

Reference: 8.571288

Format: CD

Price: $8.98

Description: These never-before-released recordings include the world premiere performance of Saygun's first concerto (1957), in which the influence of Bartók is evident in the composer's assimilation of folk music elements (and it has a very Bartókian "night music" slow movement) while the Preludes were dedicated to this Turkish pianist. Yes, there are other recordings of both Saygun works, but these possess their own historical value. Also of interest is the only currently available CD recording (not available only on-line) of the cheeky Françaix sonata of 1960: four movements but barely lasting eight minutes. The notorious Alkan Chemin de fer is notable for its slower pace (6:43 as opposed to Laurent Martin on Naxos and Osamu Nakamura on Japanese Escalier from 1989, both of whom clock in around 4:45) which gives it a rather ominous, threatening quality. Idil Biret (piano).


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