KURT BOSSLER (1911-1976): Piano Trio (Omer Bouchez [violin], Anthony Kondo [cello], Bernhard Kastner [piano]), Wind Quintet (Wind Quintet 5 Beaufort), Sonata for Piano Four Hands (Kastner, Mi Na Park [piano]), Lento for Solo Violin (Hellen Elisabeth Weiss), Kapriziöse Musik for Flute and Piano (Irmela Bossler [flute], Kastner [piano]), Der Blick for Soprano, Flute and String Quartet, 3 Lieder zur Ermutigung for Soprano, Flute and String Quartet (Julie Kaufmann [soprano], Bossler [flute], Quatuor Hermès), 3 Brecht Lieder for Soprano and Piano (Kaufmann [soprano], Kastner [piano]).

Catalogue Number: 01N062

Label: Querstand

Reference: VKJK 1119

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Boßler developed a personal idiom which treated tonality, extended tonality, tonality and dodecaphony as equals, unusually free of the sense that one is more 'advanced' or 'better' than another. Thus, in the late 1950s and early 60s, having already employed 12-note techniques in earlier works such as the tautly structured, intensely serious Morgenstern setting from 1951, he was able to return to a thoroughly accessible, basically tonal language in the appealing, somewhat Bartókian 4-hand sonata, or the very enjoyable Piano Trio. Only a certain precision of structure suggests a composer schooled in more 'modern' techniques, in these works. The song cycles use 12-note principles, here hinting at a Bergian richness of expression, while the Wind Quintet, also a dodecaphonic work, principally gives an impression of very precisely judged combinations of instrumental color rather than the underlying structural methods of its composition.


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