LORENZO FERRERO (b.1951): Canzoni d'amore, GIORGIO BATTISTELLI (b.1953): Lettera di Angela, FABIO VACCHI (b.1949): Aria di Nadia, PIERALBERTO CATTANEO (b.1953): Se..., VICTOR ANDRINI (b.19??): Marcello's Divertissement, RICCARDO PIACENTINI (b.1958): Canson piemontéisa, from 4 canzóne napulitane: La conocchia, Me voglio fà 'na casa and Lu trademiento.

Catalogue Number: 01N068

Label: 2L

Reference: STR 33895

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Interesting idea: various contemporary composers' take on the idea of love songs. Ferrero's cycle combines breathless passion with mischievous humor in a lively tonal vocabulary. The Battistelli and Vacchi are very operatic, and are in fact the composers' arrangements of arias from their own operas. Cattaneo and Andrini's pieces are based on arias by Pergolesi and Marcello respectively, with modern scoring providing an element of parody, especially in the latter case, which retains the harmony and melody of the original intact, but gives an important accompanying role to a heavily distorted electric guitar. Piacentini goes further still, adding romantic orchestration and a pre-recorded introduction and interludes to a highly flavored stew in which the principal, and faithfully rendered, ingredients are a Piedmont folksong and some Donizetti arias. Italian, Piedmontese, Neapolitan texts. Duo Alterno (Tiziana Scandaletti [soprano], Riccardo Piacentini [piano]), Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali; Roberto Gianola.


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