ERIC MOE (b.1954): Superhero, Eight Point Turn, Kick & Ride.

Catalogue Number: 01N075

Label: Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Reference: BMOP/Sound 1021

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: The composer's gift for examining popular culture through the lens of sophisticated art music is demonstrated to great advantage here in these three exuberant scores. Superhero mythology gets a wry but affectionate makeover in the five movements that explore the customary stages of development of the comic-book hero. The addition of a drum kit to the orchestral texture provides rhythmic liveliness and an emphasis on propulsive energy, derived from, but not sounding especially like, the genres in which such instrumentation is more commonly encountered. This kind of restless energy is also encountered in, an obsessively rhythmic post-minimalist piece, and the exhilarating percussion concerto in all but name, Kick and Ride, with its precisely notated hommages to famous drum solos in history, in an appealingly tonal, accessible idiom (like all the works here) which manages to sound 'popular' without being ironic or condescending, and technically sophisticated without being stuffy or conventional. Robert Schulz (drum set), Boston Modern Orchestra Project; Gil Rose.


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