YIU-KWONG CHUNG (b.1956): Mongolian Fantasy, Recueillement - Concertino for Trombone and Chinese Orchestra, CHRISTIAN LINDBERG (b.1958): The Wild Rose for Narrator and Chinese Orchestra, Kundraan for Speaker, Trombone and Orchestra (orch. Qu Chunquan [b.1941]), TRAD.: Cursing General Cao Cao (arr. Yiu-Kwong Chung).

Catalogue Number: 01N078

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1888

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Folk music authenticity comes from Chung's Mongolian Fantasy and the arrangement of a scene from a traditional Chinese opera but all the works here employ the unusual sounding Chinese orchestra - three different kinds of two-stringed fiddles but Western cellos and double basses, a plucked-string section of seven dulcimer, lute and zither-like instruments, a wind section of bamboo flutes, mouth organs and double-reed shawms and a large percussion section of both traditional Chinese instruments and Western percussion instruments. Chung's Concertino and Lindberg's Kundraan are tonal, the latter is a troll-like individual who blusters, shouts and boasts over the orchestral accompaniment and that this is the most virtuosic piece for the trombone on this disc. Odd and certainly different. Christian Lindberg (trombone), Taipei Chinese Orchestra; En Shao.


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