MARI TAKANO (b.1960): LigAlien I and IV for Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxphone and Piano, Jungibility for Piano, LigAlien II for Oboe, Violin and 17-string Koto, LigAlien III for Violin and Harp, Full Moon for Violin and Electronics, Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra (Sharon Bezaly [flute], Swedish Chamber Orchestra; Anne Manson. Original 2008 release).

Catalogue Number: 01N082

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1453

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Takano's idiom results from a kind of benign and gentle collision between various popular styles - jazz, and popular music of various cultures - and high avant-garde of the Stockhausen/Ligeti Darmstadt type. This leads to some surreal, but surprisingly natural juxtapositions, as in the flute concerto, which places jazz motifs in a dense, cluster-ridden context, or weaves complex polyphony out of popular melodies and rhythms, or the overtly jazzy piano piece. The LigAlien pieces resulted from the composer's experiments with the idea of implanting alien (musical) DNA into a pre-existing 'host' - elements of Ligeti's Horn Trio. Jazz-like motifs increasingly dominate the music, which nevertheless retains a complexity of texture reminiscent of the older composer. Full Moon uses electronics - predominantly transmuted samples of violin sound - to create a continuously varying soundscape in which folk-fiddle, jazz, and vigorous dance rhythms weave in and out of a series of textures integrating electronic and acoustic sounds. Nathan Nabb (soprano sax), Masahito Sugihara (tenor sax), Winston Choi (piano), Kyoko Yasuda (violin), Kazuko Nambara (harp), Miki Maruta (koto), Mari Kimura (violin - Full Moon).


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