LODEWIJK MORTELMANS (1868-1952): Piano Pieces: Youth, Autumn Mood, Memories, Humoresque, Evening Song, The Oriole and the Lark, Wistful Recollection, Impromptu in B Minor, Conviviality, Silent Blissfulness, Idyllic Echoes, Nostalgia, Saïdjah's Song, Night Thoughts, Mood Picture, Humble Flower, Melancholia, Inner Chimes, Mood Piece in A Minor, Improvisata, Cecilia, There was a Snow-White Bird, Fra Angelico's Dancing Angels, Intermezzo in A, Songs: How beautiful the Dew of Morn, Pearls, When the Soul listens.

Catalogue Number: 01O034

Label: Pavane

Reference: ADW 7547

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: 64 minutes of piano "mood pieces" make up the vast majority of this disc of Flemish Romanticism tinged now and then with Impressionism. One might say that the Flemish soul is mirrored in these predominantly introspective and nostalgic pieces most of which date from the 1920s but several of which are as late as the early 1940s. Flemish-English texts. Peter Vanhove (piano), Yuriy Mynenko (countertenor).


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