ILYA SHAKHOV (1925-1986): Romantic Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, SERGEI VASILENKO (1872-1956): Concert-Poem for Trumpet and Orchestra in C Minor, Op. 113, ALEXANDER ARUTIUNIAN (1920-2012): Trumpet Concerto in A Flat, OSKAR BÖHME (1870-1938?): La Napolitaine, Op. 25, ALEXANDER GOEDICKE (1877-1957): Concert Etude, Op. 49 (orch. Gene Mullins).

Catalogue Number: 01O063

Label: MD&G

Reference: 901 1770-6

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Two otherwise unavailble concertos here: Vasilenko's from 1945 and Shakhov's from ten years later. The latter composer will likely be completely new to you - a Soviet composer who had no formal compositional training but wrote much theatre music and children's songs. His concerto is orchestrated with an ear for instrumental color that would have made him a cinch at film music. Needless to say, Vasilenko's work conforms completely also to the precepts of tunefulness and easy accessibility demanded by Soviet Realism dogma. Reinhold Friedrich (trumpet), Göttingen Symphony Orchestra; Christoph-Mathias Mueller.


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