PAMELA DECKER (b.1955): Volume 3 - On this Day, Earth Shall Ring, El Tigre, La Pantera, Liturgical Suite for Organ Right Hand and Pedal, Ave maris stella, Jesu, dulcis memoria, Golden Gates.

Catalogue Number: 01O073

Label: Loft Recordings

Reference: LRCD-1130

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Decker's colorful and elegantly conceived music will appeal to any collector of modern, approachable organ music. This volume is evenly divided between works for liturgical use (or suitable for liturgical use) and three richly colorful tone-poems: El Tigre, which depicts a day in the life of an average male tiger from drowsy wake-up to watching his cubs play, to a mating dance, to a hunt and dinner and that post-prandial nap; La Pantera which, although technically a prelude and fugue, attempts to recall the sinuousness, elegance and grace of a panther; and Golden Gates, a tribute to you-know-where which uses Chinese, Hispanic and American popular music themes. Pamela Decker (Flentrop organ of Saint Mark's Cathedral, Seattle).


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