Historical Recordings of Scandinavian Repertoire

JOHAN HELMICH ROMAN (1694-1758): Sinfonia No. 16 in D and No. 20 in E Minor (Danish State Brodcasting Orchestra; Mogens Wöldike. rec. 1949), EDOUARD DU PUY (1770-1822): Youth and Folly (Royal Orchestra; Johan Hye-Kundsen. rec. 1940), H.C. LUMBYE (1810-1874): Dream Pictures (DSBO; Launy Grøndahl. rec. 1951), P.E. LANGE-MÜLLER (1850-1926): Prelude, Gypsy Music, Evening Music, Twilight Music, Kitchen Music, and Hunter's Music from Once Upon a Time (RO; Hye-Knudsen. rec. 1941), AUGUST ENNA (1859-1939): Overture to The Little Match-Girl (RO; Hye-Knudsen. rec. 1937), HAKON BØRRESEN (1876-1954): Overture to The Royal Guest (RO; Hye-Knudsen. rec. 1950), HARALD SÆVERUD (1897-1992): Galdreslåtten (DSBO; Nicolai Malko. rec. 1951), KNUDÅGE RIISAGER (1897-1974): Qarrtsiluni (RO; Hye-Knudsen. rec. 1941), JOHAN SVENDSEN (1840-1911): Norwegian Artist's Carnaval (DBSO; Erik Tuxen. rec. 1953), CARL NIELSEN (1865-1931): Saga-Drøm (RO; Egisto Tango. rec. 1940), Violin Concerto (Emil Telmanyi [violin], DBSO; Fritz Busch. rec. 1951), EDVARD GRIEG (1843-1907): Lyric Suite (DBSO; Tuxen. rec. 1953).

Catalogue Number: 01O088

Label: Danacord

Reference: DACOCD 707-708

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: A sprinkling of unusual repertoire enlivens this batch of releases of Danish Columbia, Decca and HMV recordings from the 40s and 50s and thus compels us to offer it! 2 CDs.


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